When ordering packaging, we mainly focus on the price of a single item, without taking into account the factors that generate additional costs. When analyzing the total cost of packaging, all additional components such as storage, logistics and packaging should be taken into account. This will allow you to plan, optimize and balance all the elements influencing the total cost of the packaging.

In the case of packaging, the first element that we will pay attention to is of course the cost of purchase. It would seem that the cheaper the better. But are you sure?

An important factor is the matching of the carton to its content. If the packaging does not meet the product requirements and shipping requirements, it may turn out that the products we ship arrive damaged or damaged. Returns of packaging from the customer, exchange of goods cause both money and image losses. Shaped and flap packaging, due to the optimization of transport, are delivered to us arranged “flat”, so they allow you to save space for storage.

How to optimize the cost of packaging?

Trained workers

A good rally driver, thanks to his experience and training in driving, can lead the vehicle to the finish line in the shortest possible time. A properly prepared employee can perform the task or process entrusted to him in an optimal time. It is worth ensuring that employees are able to effectively use machines and tools that will allow them to perform the assigned tasks faster and more effectively.

Automation and maintenance

Automation of selected processes related to the improvement of the production line significantly accelerates the cardboard production process. It is worth analyzing which stage of production requires machine support, remembering about the appropriate training of employees in its operation and appropriate servicing, which will ensure the proper functioning of the machines and a longer service life.

Warehouse logistics

A well-organized warehouse is a well-organized job. If the layout of the warehouse makes it difficult for employees to work or extends the time of completing the task, it is worth considering its improvement.


One package can have many uses. In line with the idea of ecology, more and more often we encounter e-commerce, shipping, double-sided or multifunctional packaging, such as a cardboard box for a TV set, which can be used to assemble, for example, a toy house for children.

Packaging optimization

The size and strength of the carton should take into account the specifics of your product, taking into account its size, behavior during transport and place of display. If the packaging is not properly matched, it is worth remembering about solutions such as cardboard spacers, inserts or trusses, which will stiffen them or adjust its size to the product by ordering cardboard boxes with non-standard dimensions. The optimal size means better protection of our product, more space in the warehouse and more units on a pallet. To ensure the appropriate strength of the cardboard, the material from which it will be made should also be well selected.

Orders – manufacturer of cardboard and cartons

It is a good idea to analyze the size of the need for the future and reduce costs by ordering a larger batch of packaging. Choosing one supplier of various types of packaging will allow you to save time and increase the certainty that all delivery elements will be of the same, appropriate quality.


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