Corrugated cardboard is used all over the world today. Thousands of companies from various industries find use for this versatile material. What is the reason for this spectacular career? Why is cardboard, although known for many years, more and more popular every year?

One of the reasons, apart from availability and price, is its versatility. Corrugated cardboard, thanks to the use of modern refinements, gains a number of desired properties. Lege Packaging offers a whole range of packaging personalization and refinement options, see the offer today!

Moisture is not a problem (water resistance +10)

Today’s cardboard packaging is also suitable for products that used to require cans or bottles. Food is an example, but the possibilities are much more. Packaging with a water or fat barrier was created for this type of demanding products. Cardboard laminated with various types of films (e.g. PET, PO, aluminum) is ideal for such packaging. Thanks to a special coating, corrugated board becomes a material that combines the best properties of all the ingredients used in its production. This technology also improves the durability of the packaging and additionally secures the product during transport.


Increased fire resistance +10

Among the laminated and special cardboard, we also distinguish flame-retardant cardboard. It is most often used for the production of cardboard boxes intended for archives. Thanks to the use of this type of security, the effects of possible fire are incomparably lower than in the case of traditional cardboard. The fire spreads more slowly and stays on the package, keeping the contents safe. Such cardboard is obtained from papers that are impregnated or soaked, thanks to which they gain additional properties that reduce the flammability of the paper.

Design comes first

Laminated cardboard allows you to choose the texture of the finish. Matte, glossy – everything you may need to create unique cardboard packaging that will distinguish your product from the competition.
The numerous possibilities offered by laminated cardboard are eagerly used by packaging creators to create bolder designs. Thanks to them, you will make each of your products gain a worthy setting.

Right on your side

When designing cardboard packaging, one cannot forget about legal issues. Certain products require certified packaging. This topic is also close to companies exporting their goods abroad. The use of selected refinements makes it possible to give the packaging properties, thanks to which obtaining the certificate will not be a problem.