Lege E Aktualności E Packaging psychology. It is worth knowing!

List of behaviors consumers and the factors influencing purchasing processes is endless. Not only the product itself plays a key role in this process, but also factors that cannot be controlled, such as weather or traffic jams, affect the level of stress or well-being. Sending the product in high-quality packaging is a very good way to win the heart of the customer even before he sees the purchased product.

The purchase is often an impulse and the decision itself is made within a few seconds. It is during this time that the customer evaluates the product and thus the packaging, which results in a purchase decision. Packaging designs can be called psychological stimulants, the design of the box is supposed to influence how the consumer reacts to them. There are several factors that stimulate purchasing processes, including color, shape or texture are what we will tell about in this article.

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The color of the package

Since ancient times, colors have played an important role in cultures around the world. Properly selected colors provide an additional impulse, strengthening the decision-making process regarding the choice of a given product.

White and blue are often associated with cleanliness, therefore they are widely used in products such as toothpaste and cleaning products. In the segment cleaning agents _ Another aspect of associating colors appears, such as the color denoting the smell of a given preparation. Examples are well known to us yellow – lemon, blue – sea breeze, green – mint, etc. There are a huge number of color segments, starting with general associations of a type green is the color of health, and moving on to associations that are related to our feelings, such as warmth, energy, etc. You have to remember that each color can have many meanings like black, which is usually associated with death and something bad. However, with proper use, it can also be a sign of elegance or brand premium .

Summing up, color is a very powerful and most importantly effective marketing tool that should not be forgotten when creating a design and its packaging. It affects purchasing decisions and customer associations, which, as we mentioned earlier, occur in a fraction of a second.


When making a purchase, we are not only guided by our eyesight, but also touch plays an important role. It is thanks to him that many decisions are made in our heads, the awareness of the brand’s quality and its identification are shaped.

The matter is quite simple and can be compared to the clothing industry. One of the first things we do when buying is, of course, touching the material. Thanks to this touch, we are able to assess its quality and whether it will be appropriate to our needs. Only the next step is to check the price or the materials from which the garment has been sewn. The touch is reflected in the packaging becausethat the first contact with a given product is usually the packaging. A simple example may be the division of packaging for women and men. In the case of women, we can expect smooth or even soft-to-the-touch textures. In the case of men, “stronger” textures are used more often.

Application ? Holding the proproduct, and more precisely the packaging with the product in our hands, remember that psychologically we feel partially like its owner. And this aspect can be a strong incentive to make a purchase.

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The packaging design is one of the most important elements of the product. A unique and thoughtful box evokes the mood of expectation and makes the customer not only receive information about its content, but also a kind of surprise, a promise that affects the status and perception of your product. Unique packaging increases the value of the product itself ..

Graphics can trigger certain feelings or behaviors almost instantly. Even if they are not directly associated with the brand or product. The matter is similar to the colors, but in this case we can use associations that are even more direct. Chocolate flakes containing cereals in the graphics on the packaging will tell us that the product is healthy. If we want our product to be a soft boom! A small fluffy dog on the package, a chick will also do. Vertical stripes behind the product will give it a luxurious undertone combined with a noble color such as gold or copper will do it with double strength.

Shape and size

Is the shape of the box standard or rare and unusual? This directly affects the way it is perceived. Sharper edges and lines create a “harder” and more masculine image, while softer, flowing lines are perceived as more feminine. The shape of the package can be the primary unique identifier for the product. The shape of the packaging affects the subconscious. Brands can use the shape of their packaging to not only enhance their identity, but to give their products character.

The packaging sizes evoke two contrasting default associations. On the one hand, the large package makes the purchase seem like a good investment, so it is advisable that products such as snacks, soft drinks and toilet paper be packaged in larger quantities. On the other hand, small pack sizes often mean high quality.